The Team

We're a creative community of photographers, designers and travel fanatics. We encompass professionals and amateurs, big and small.

We're passionate about creating the next generation of postcard experiences.


Ville Kulmala


Ville is the founder of CardFed. He is also active contributor to the Mobile, Web and Startup events in Southeast Asia. He has extensive financial industry experience from Technology and Business Consulting.

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Jeremie Tisseau

Art Director - Web

Jeremie is a talented User Interface designer & Front End developer for Web and Mobile applications. He works with clients from all around the World: US, France, Germany, Spain, England, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore.

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Susanna Kulmala

Marketing Director

Robin Wierenga

Technical Director

Ari Kivi

Ari Kivi

Art Director - Print

Over ten years of experience in AD and Graphic Designer work.

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The Vision

We aim to reinvent the way we send, look at and experience postcards.

We currently work hard to bring you new features and complete new sites, all about one thing and one thing only: postcards.

Stay tuned.

We know you'll like it.

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