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ABOUT CARDFED ( Cardfederation Ltd )

What is CardFed all about?

Our concept in a nutshell: we send your photos as high quality paper postcards from our supplier locations, to any location on the globe.

In the near future, we will extend our services to bring you a new kind of postcard experience which is more global, fun and social, than ever before.

Can I send cards using my mobile?

You can send any of our artist created postcards using latest smart phone devices. We support most of thelatest platforms and mobile devices which support internet browsing, including all Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry (latest) and Nokia (latest) devices.

For sending your own photos from your mobile phone, you can use our website through Android mobile phone versions above 2.2.

Further mobile applications are planned to be in near future.


Is it really an actual postcard?

It's as real as it gets baby.

The CardFed travel postcard is a thick high quality postcard. This card has a very sturdy, but yet prestigious feeling. Photos come out as accurate as your printed photographs, ready to impress your friends and family with your travels.

At CardFed we carefully pick and choose our supplier partners to give you the best postcard experience out there. For example, European postcards are printed using HP Indigo™ high quality digital printers. We always focus to deliver that top quality print and feel you require.

How can I send a postcard?

That's easy and simple; just follow the three steps below:


Step 1a. Go to the Upload page and upload any image from your computer;


Step 1b. Go to Browse Cards page and select any postcard;


Step 2. Write your personal message on the back of the postcard and provide the required recipient address;


Step 3. Pay your purchase securely with PayPal, either by using a credit card or your own PayPal account.

Can I personalize my card?

Yes. You can write a message on the back of the card, using a variety of fonts and colors.

Does the card come in an envelope?

To keep a long story short: no.

Why not?

We believe that postcards should be sent in the traditional way without an envelope, and the recipient finds your personal image on the doormat. It also saves on paper and printing costs so we can give you a better deal.

Will I get a stamp from Germany if I upload image from Germany?

We print, add stamp and put the card in the mail for you. We do this using closest supplier available, using the fastest first class mail available. For stamps this means that you might get a stamp or from some countries you might only get a tiny digital stamp. We are committed to getting your card on the way within 24 hours after receiving your payment.

Can I send cards in different sizes?

At the moment A6 is the only size. This is the traditional postcard size. It ships smoothly everywhere and hopefully suits all your travel postcard needs.

Postcard Dimensions - A6


How can I personalize the front side of the card?

Not on our website. If you want, you can change the image yourself before uploading using your favorite photo editing software. If you don't know what the best software to use is, you could check out the link below for some ideas:

Top Ten Digital Photo Software

If you don't know what should you photograph, below couple of ideas:

Ten Practical Travel Photography Tips

Which image types do you support?

We support JPG, GIF and PNG image files.

To learn more about image formats you can read article below:

GIF - PNG - JPG - Which one to use?

We are happy to accept any of these formats, and it does not matter what format you use, as long as the image resolution (quality) is high enough.

How do I know if the quality of my image is good enough?

We check the quality for you and if it's not sufficient we'll tell you during the upload.

If you want to understand more about how images and print go hand-in-hand, read the article below:

Find out if your artwork is ready for print

We use ISO standard A6 sized (104 mm X 148 mm) postcard. As a guideline, please make sure your image resolution is at least 800 x 568 pixels. Such an image should have a file size around 145 kilobytes in JPG file format (JPG file format is compressed file format). Raw size of such image is 800 pixels X 568 pixels = 480 kilobytes.

So I can send any image I want?

Yes, as long as the image is in accordance with our Terms of Use.

You can send a picture of you and your friends standing at the Eiffel tower, walking the great wall of China or a picture of you celebrating the last game's victory. If you can shoot it, we can send it.


How much does it cost?

Each card costs 2.50 euro. For this price, we will print a high quality postcard and mail the card anywhere in the world for you.

Can I order large amounts of postcards?

Yes, please use the Contact Us form to get a quote on your order. We can deliver you a competitive quote and excellent quality on large orders as well as small custom orders.

How can I pay?

You can pay using your PayPal account or any major credit card.

Do you store payment information such as credit card numbers?

No. Once you want to make a payment you are transferred to PayPal's secure environment. PayPal is an industry leader for handling global secure payments.

Your privacy is our concern. Please read more information in our privacy policy.


How long does it take for my card to arrive?

We aim to get your postcard on the road as soon as possible. We will generally mail your postcard within 24 hours. In some rare cases delivery time can be up to 48 hours.

To know when exactly your card will arrive, we would need to know where you're sending it to.

As a general guideline, if you send it to very remote locations like a mountain shed in Tibet you can expect longer delivery times. CardFed yaks in Tibet will nevertheless do their best to get your card to its destination, rather sooner than later.

What if the postcard never arrives?

We will do our utmost to deliver your postcard through trusted national post agencies in first class mail.

Naturally, just as you cannot guarantee that your manually written postcard will arrive, we cannot guarantee that all post will arrive to the end destination after the card is out of our hands. Sometimes Murphy's Law indeed applies.

To prevent such cases, we keep a record of each card sent and track any problems with deliveries.

Should your postcard not reach its destination we will resend the card and when applicable give you your money back.


How can I sell my images?

Selling your images and travel postcard designs is easy. Just go to ‘Sell Your Art’ page and start to upload your images and postcard designs. Just make sure the ‘Peepz can buy this card’ check box is selected in images you want to sell. Also make sure your image is tagged with descriptive tags.

So, how much cash is the commission?

For each postcard sold, you get 0.20 Euro. That is in European currency - EUR.

If, for example, if one of your postcards gets posted through Card Federation 650 times, you will receive a commission of 130.00 Euros. If you have 10 different postcards that each sell 650 times in CardFed, you'll earn a whopping 1300.00 Euros. Which is not bad for a passive income

How can I get my money?

When you have sold cards for over 25 euros, you can request a payout. You will be paid through PayPal.

How many images can I upload for sales?

At the moment you can have 20 postcard designs for sale. Just make sure your uploaded images have the setting 'Peepz can buy this card' checked. Also make sure your image is tagged with descriptive tags so our traveller clients can find them.

In the future we are planning to open our website for larger postcard content.

What does tagging of image mean? / what's up with those tags?

Tags are like keywords or labels that you add to a postcard to make it easier to find for our clients. You can tag a photo with phrases like "paris eiffel tower moon".

Later on, if our travellers will look for “moon and eiffel”, your postcard will show and they can send to his/her friends as a beautiful travel postcard.

Tags are a powerful tool for you as our artist to make your images findable. Make sure your photos are well tagged.

Flickr has some good guidelines on how to tag your image, these same principles work for your Card Federation postcards;

How can I tag an image?

When you are in 'SELL YOUR ART' page, you can tag your images using two different ways:

a. Keyword tagging

Input keywords (tags) which are related your postcard. These could be for example, city, country, activity, environment, etc. Basically anything that describe and make it easier to categorize the postcard.

b. Location tagging

By choosing 'Set Location' available under your uploaded postcard, you can geotag your postcard to a location. Our system will automatically pick up the city and country and assign them as tags of the postcard. CardFed will later on introduce new features which allow our travelling customers to search and find postcards against certain location in the world. Please input the location of the postcard always if possible, it will help our customers to find and buy your postcard.

CardFed follow the standard Flickr image tag convention:

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